Nurture & Care

Nurture & Care

Background:  This group meets on the 3rd Thursday monthly to consider the needs of the greater FUMC community, to overlay the Vision Statement against those needs, and to brainstorm ways to become interwoven with other ministry teams’ programs/events within the church.  Nurture and Care (N&C) ministry is a vibrant, living ministry that views the congregational needs in its entirety. Since needs change year to year, N&C’s challenge is to be relevant and focused as we follow God’s direction in our missions.

Sub-Ministry Updates; contact Debbie Gordon to be a part of any of this in any way you can:

  1. Ride Share– Peggy Brown, Lead: Arranges and/or provides transportation to those unable to drive themselves to church or other church related-activities.
  2. College/Military Outreach-Gail Deutsch, Lead: Supports FUMC young adults who are in college or the military, not living at home and between the ages of 18 and 22.
  3. Homebound- Elaine Keefer and Debbie Gordon, Leads: Maintains monthly contact via phone calls, cards, and notes with approximately 12 of our elderly congregants; updates the Pastor with regards to special needs of this group.  Home visits, the Large Print Upper room and communion are given to homebound members upon request. Training to give home communion was offered this year and additional trainings will be scheduled as needed to meet requests.
  4. Dinners for 8 – Blythe Norris, Lead: Shares dining experiences and devotional fellowship together in groups comprised of 8 (ish) individuals. Groups are always forming and reforming; don’t be shy about joining in.
  5. Hospitality – all: Provides refreshments on Sunday mornings (also set up, clean up, etc.)
  6. Prayer Shawl-Suzanne Ackley, Lead: FUMC knitters and friends create shawls which are then distributed at no cost upon request to anyone wishing one for a friend/co-worker/loved one, etc. Click the above link for more information.
  7. Stephen Ministries-Barbara Lawrence, Lead: Giving people in crises (experiencing grief, loneliness, divorce, hospitalization, disability, job loss, or any other life difficulty) one-to-one compassionate listening. Extensive training and time commitment are required in this ministry.
  8. Christian Golf Fellowship-David Blau, Lead: FUMC golfers gather for fun on the links. Open to all ages and skill sets.
  9. Meal Trains-Leigha Fassett-Groves, Lead: FUMC folks sign up online to provide a meal to families who can use a break from meal planning and prep due to birth of a child, illness, death – any situation that creates a need for temporary support is considered.
  10. Pocket Quilts-Elaine Balducci, Lead: Pocket quilts are made using patriotic fabric. Instead of machine sewing, knots are tied to signify prayers and support given to service members. These are available to be picked up or mailed free of charge to anyone who would like one.


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