Visitor FAQs

Visitor FAQs

We hope you will visit us in person soon! Here are some FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) about Franconia UMC:

What can I expect when I visit? Expect a warm welcome. We know it’s a little intimidating to come into a church for the first time.  Maybe you are new to the area. Maybe you’ve never been to a United Methodist Church. Maybe you’ve never been to a church at all. Driving directions and parking information can be found here.

Is there a dress code? Not really. We see a good variety of styles – some are comfortable wearing suits or business attire, others prefer casual dress clothes or even jeans to our Sunday services.

Will I fit in? Sure! We will welcome you, just as you are. We are all seeking answers and guidance, and you will be welcomed as “one of us.” Once you enter the church you will be greeted and given a bulletin by an usher. The bulletin will provide you with everything you need to know about the service you will be experiencing. We have a  visitor’s packet we’d like you to have, and that can be picked up at our welcome center in our receiving area off of the main Franconia Road entrance. If you do not see a packet there, or enter through another door, just ask an usher or anyone for a packet and we’ll fix you right up!  You probably have heard that sometimes churches will call attention to those who are new – making them stand, speak, etc., but we don’t do that. You can expect to be warmly greeted during the time when we greet each other at the beginning of the service.

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What about my children? Kids are welcome, wiggles and all, and regardless of their ages, all may participate in all aspects of our service. For your convenience, we do have a staffed nursery with a paging system from 8:15 AM – 12:30 PM, but infants and toddlers are also welcome to stay in church if their parents prefer that. At our 11:00 AM service, during children’s time all children are asked to come to the front of the church to hear a special message for them from the Pastor. After children’s time, children ages 3 through 2nd grade will be invited to attend Children’s Church. The children will remain there through the rest of the main worship service. Parents of first-time Children’s Church attendees are asked to accompany their children so they may be registered. You may then return to the worship service via the stairs from the stage room (just ask if you need help in returning to our sanctuary). It is important for you to know that we take the care of your little ones seriously, and our church supports a child safety policy which is updated annually, at all functions involving our children.

Do you have communion each Sunday? Should I be doing something to prepare prior to taking communion? We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month at all three services, and also on or near special holidays. Our 8:30 service celebrates communion every Sunday. There is no purposeful preparation prior to the service, as is found in some denominations. The United Methodist Church welcomes all (non-members, visitors, and children) to the Lord’s Table. Please come forward at the direction of the ushers to receive the bread and the cup (we have gluten-free options as well). Additional instructions will be printed in the bulletin or announced as necessary.

What happens after the service? When the service is over, many folks enjoy conversation and refreshments in Cokesbury Social Hall (a room adjoining the sanctuary). We hope you will join us there and get to know us a little better.