Prayer Shawl Ministry

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Prayer-Shawl-Ministry-knitted-heart1Franconia’s prayer shawl ministry provides a way for those who are gifted with needles and hooks to give to others who have a need to be wrapped in prayer.

If you would like to be on the creating side of this ministry, kits, instructions, and even lessons are provided! Those making the shawls can work at their own pace at home, or with a group of other workers.

“Shawls” is a catch-all phrase but what actually is made in addition to shawls, are baby blankets, lap blankets (suitable for wheelchairs) as well. Shawls are made in a variety of colors and patterns that will appeal to both men and women.

Shawls are made with prayers; you can’t beat them! Our prayer shawl group regularly has shawls dedicated at our FUMC altar during worship and the shawls are available for anyone who might know – a friend, family member, coworker, friend of a friend, etc.

To find out more about this ministry and/or to request a shawl, contact Suzanne Ackley.