Prayer Covenant at Franconia

Prayer Covenant at Franconia

Covenant for Spiritual Discipline adopted October 19, 2015 by the lay church leadership at Franconia UMC:

Prayer is essential to sustain our faith. Jesus modeled a life of prayer that established the DNA for the Christian Wesleyan heritage of prayer. Bishop Young Jin Cho (Bishop of the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church) has envisioned spending his episcopacy in the Virginia Conference creating a culture of prayer. In his episcopal address at Annual Conference, he established a goal for at least 10% of the clergy of the Virginia Conference to engage in spiritual disciplines for one hour each day and for 10% of Virginia Conference churches to become a Prayer Covenant Congregation.

Virginia Conference clergy and laity are invited to engage “one hour daily” in spiritual disciplines (fasting, intercessory prayer, Lectio Divina (sacred or spiritual reading), centering prayer, breath prayer, contemplative prayer, Tongsung Kido prayer, a service of common prayer, morning midday or evening prayers, etc.)

Congregations are invited to become a Prayer Covenant Congregation by:

1. Having at least one weekly prayer group that will include weekly prayers for the renewal and revival of their congregation, the Virginia Conference, and The United Methodist Church.

2. Offering at least one class on prayer annually.

3. Participating in Conference or District prayer equipping (training) events.

4. Moving toward at least 10% of the laity practicing a “one hour daily” spiritual discipline.

5. Indicating commitment to this covenant through approval by the Church Council.

After prayerful discernment, the congregation of Franconia United Methodist Church in Alexandria, Virginia has decided to become a Prayer Covenant Congregation by having at least one weekly prayer group, offer at least one class on prayer annually, participate in the Virginia Conference’s prayer equipping events and move toward at least 10% of our members practicing “one hour daily” spiritual disciplines.

Additional reading from those who have adopted this covenant: