Hope Is On The Way series

Today’s world helps us remember how much we stand in need of a Savior.  John the Baptist, who heralded Jesus’coming, spent his whole life telling people how much they needed a Savior.

The world’s a mess, he told people, but Hope is on the way. That bears repeating today: The world’s a mess, but hope is on the way. As we open our eyes to the truth, we find God in unexpected places and at unexpected times. Experience hope anew through God’s grace and salvation this Advent season.  Focus your heart, mind and soul on the spirit of Advent as we anticipate the blessed gift of Jesus Christ.

December 10 – We Work While We Wait
December 17 , 10 AM (one service only)Hope In The King
December 24,  8:30 AM –  A Surprise Adoption
December 24, 11 AM – Children’s Christmas Eve Service
(all children will have the option of wearing a church-provided costume to participate in our retelling of the Christmas Story)
December 24, 6 & 8 PM – Hope Has Arrived